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Financial aid

Many governmental institutions offer subsidies for investing in energy-saving investments, renovation of properties, …

The conditions to benefit from these measures are often complex and may vary from province to province. It is advisable to consult a builder or architect in order to complete the necessary forms. A meeting with the local civil servant can also help you.

Flemish community

In contradiction to the subventions in the Walloon and Brussels Region, which consist of one-off payments, the Flemish government offers a monthly contribution in the redemptions of your mortgage (for a max period of 6 years).

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Walloon region

The Walloon region offers several subventions for building, buying or renovation. Subventions are single payments and are related to:

  • city innovation projects
  • renovation and improvement of housing
  • re-building, improvement, demolition or redevelopment of unhealthy housing
  • subventions for renovation of rental properties

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There are specific housing subventions for acquiring or building a property in Brussels.

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Provinces and municipalities

Certain provinces or municipalities offer extra financial aid for building, buying or improving housing. In order to get the correct information it is best to contact the province or municipality directly.

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