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One important remark : do not underestimate this issue! There are a lot of things to consider when moving. How do I plan the move? What moving company do I use? Or do I rent a light moving van? Who do I have to notify of my move? Moving is a lot more than just packing boxes. learns you how to move without worries and how to smoothly move into your new property.

Moving without a hitch in five steps

1. Inform family, friends and official institutions

Inform your relatives as soon as possible about the move and the date you chose. Provide them also with the new address and telephone number. Kids tend to be a little afraid in the outlook of leaving their home. It is therefore important to be enthusiastic about your knew home and to inform them as much as possible. Our checklist also shows which official bodies you need to contact.

2. Notify your landlord in time and terminate the rental contract

Check your rental contract thoroughly, especially the articles related to giving notice and termination. If you terminate your contract within the first three-year period, you will have to pay a claim to the landlord, varying from 1 to 3 months of rent. Make sure you leave everything in a perfect condition, so that you can reclaim your security deposit!

3. Read the meters and settle your accounts

Ask your supplier(s) for a special document where you can indicate the meter readings (gas, electricity, cable, fuel, ?). This is the best way to arrange an smooth handover with the new tenants. Also make sure you apply in time for the connections (fax, cable, electricity, gas, ?) at your new home.

4. Explore your new neighbourhood

It is certainly worth it to explore your new neighbourhood upfront and to get acquainted with your new neighbours and local shops. Also get yourself familiar with the cultural and recreational activities, and don?t forget to look for a new school, dentist and GP if necessary!

5. Don't miss any details

There are thousands of things to pay attention to when moving, especially is you organise everything yourself. Make sure you can use a large car (or van), that you can count on enough people to help you, that you have old blankets to protect the furniture, that you have enough cardboard boxes and old newspapers. Do you need a lift? Then ask permission to the local police to partly block the road for using a truck with lift. Take an temporary insurance for yourself and all "temporary movers".


If you plan to leave the moving to professionals, make sure they are associated to the Belgian Chamber of Movers (tel. 02/428.63.45). They have insurance for truck and transport, so you only have to take care of a content insurance. Compare service and prices before deciding on a moving company, and make strict appointments regarding time and date! Also make sure that you are ready the day of the move!

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Who to notify?

  • Register of population
  • Post office
  • Police (registration papers of the car...)
  • Tax office
  • Electricity and gas supplier
  • Water company
  • Telephone operator
  • Bank and insurance company
  • Union and Health insurance fund
  • VAT office
  • Trade register
  • Cable company
  • Employer
  • Child benefit fund
  • Subscriptions
  • Pension fund

Careful: even when moving inside the same town or parish you need to notify all these bodies!

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