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Selling a property

One day it may be necessary to move because of professional or personal reasons. Now you not only have to find a new home, but you need to sell your current one as well. Questions as – how do I sell my property? What is the best price? What about legislation? Do I have the time and knowledge to do this myself? What if I want to use the services of a real estate agent? – run through your head. Vitrine will try to assist you in taking the correct decision.

Selling a property yourself


If nobody knows that your home is for sale, then don?t expect a rush of people! Spread the word! The most simple way is to announce it via the classic "FOR SALE" sign. But this is not enough, because you only reach the people who pass your house. Place an ad or a classified in the local paper. But even massive advertising does not guarantee an quick sale.

Setting the price

What is the value of your home? There are many factors to take into account when setting a price. Besides the neighbourhood factors such as location and orientation and the quality of the building, you need to consider the overall evolution of real estate prices, and don't forget the price of similar houses in the neighbourhood. Websites can give you a good idea. The rest is up to you: negotiate with potential buyers. And don?t forget: the buyer always needs to pay too much, and the seller never gets enough! A correct price setting is not an easy task..


Don't underestimate this! You have to arrange your schedule to fit with the potential buyer's agenda. Be honest, you don't want the candidate to think you are lying. Sometimes it takes tens of visits before the sale can be concluded.


You have to take the time to visit the necessary institutions, such as for example the Cadaster. Don?t forget that you, the seller, need to provide all the necessary documents which show that your home was build according to the rules. Without all these papers no sale!

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Selling via a real estate agent


Working with a recognised real estate agent offers nothing but advantages. The announcement is one of them. The agent always uses well known communication channels to announce that your property is for sale. One of these channels is the shop-window of his office, which offers lots of visibility in the city centre. Besides that the agent uses large "FOR SALE" signs and mostly uses a fixed advertising space in the local paper. And most of the agents also have a website as well.


The agent is a professional with experience. He can give you the correct value of your property, based on previous sales and objective criteria. Thanks to him you won't be trying to sell at a price too high.

The File

The agent will create a file containing all relevant and necessary information about the property.


written mandate: a written mandate is necessary. As with any contract this protects both parties. In case of a professional error the mandate is necessary in order to make the agent liable.

information about the seller: each sale can be influenced by the marriage contract, divorce, entireness, company statutes, minority of age....

information about the property: consists of pictures and plans, cadastral registry, soil certificate, rental contracts (if applicable),...


It is an essential task of the agent to inform the candidates and to organise the visits. Because of the organisation of his office this runs smoothly. The agent is in fact some kind of psychologist and usually knows from experience if someone is really interested.


Negotiating prices is almost a profession on its own. It is therefore best left to the professional, who knows how to get more or when best to stop. After the negotiations the last phase is entered, but one of the most important, finalising the selling process.

Certainties and Guaranties

Working with a recognised real estate agent offers, as said before, a series of advantages: the profession is regulated, and offers certainties for both parties.

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